Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam

Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam

Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam


In terms of global economic integration , international migration is a concern of many countries. The Vietnamese labor market therefore becomes more flexible and diverse. Field workers from the Perfumery c in Vietnam increasingly outnumbered.

In order to have a good job in Vietnam, foreign workers need to learn thoroughly. First, consult the job market information here. After that, you should find a few companies that are hiring foreign candidates that match your qualifications. In big cities, the job opportunities are higher.

So what are the jobs that foreigners can do in Vietnam ?

English teacher

If you are good at teaching, you should try her ng this. This is a very popular job in Vietnam today . The demand for learning languages, especially English, is increasing and therefore the income of foreign teachers is also quite high. In addition, you can work in a professional, dynamic and friendly environment .





Media advertisement

 in Vietnam since 2000, but the media group has ph ace grow at a rapid pace . D o c meet your cost promotion of because he now increased that this sector thrive. It can be said that, with the advantage of wide market and great demand, this industry group promises to grow. If you are a good writer , you can work as a copywriter, administrator, editor for Brand Maker Vietnam, Lowe and Partners Worldwide.

Model photo

With the trend of foreign students, many Vietnamese still prefer to select products with foreigners as a model. This job is also considered interesting for foreigners . Foreign photo models are always sought after by many brands. You can take advantage of your appearance to get this job.

Freelance designer

Becoming a graphic designer, website designer, and cartoonist is a job that you should consider. With foreign thinking you can create new things in Vietnam. And if you do that, then surely you will have a high income. Also you will be much sought after company . Why not?


Freelance IT staff

Studies show the penetration of the Internet, mobile phones and online games in Vietnam will grow . V ì that the recruitment needs of web developers and programmers have expertise game is very high . If you have the qualifications, it will be easy to develop in this industry.


If you want to find a good job then you need to add these:

Know Vietnamese

Speak Vietnamese well is the key to open many doors for you. Because locals like to hear foreigners speak their language. Also know Vietnamese helps you easily communicate. From there you have many public opportunities both work and life.

There are special skills

This is an important factor for you to get the job you want . although not fluent in the dialect. Outstanding skills compared to local candidates is an opportunity for you to get a good job in Ho Chi Minh City.













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