Tet in Viet Nam

Tet in Viet Nam

Tet is the most important holiday of the Viet Nam. The New Year is celebrated on January 1 the first day of the lunar calendar. Sacred New Year is the occasion to refresh everything . Tet is an opportunity for family members to reunite them. Tet is also an opportunity for everyone to visit each other, to wish for a good new year.


Origin was born

Hong Bang family built Van Lang country since Nham Tuat in 2879 BC. Since that time, Vietnamese people have eaten Tet, starting to have banh chung and banh giay shoes thanks to Lang Lieu’s initiative. Convention soon form our traditional culture brings its own identity of Vietnam. Culture with characteristics of wet rice agriculture. Therefore , glutinous rice was chosen to make cakes for ancestor worship during Tet. Over 4,000 years of building and defending the country, Vietnam is a country with a large and unique culture.

Customs for Tet holiday

Teaser ng Tet in Vietnam is special because of the customary meaning. Can tell interesting and unique customs to welcome Tet as follows:

Preparing for Tet

Official New Year’s Day is only in 3 days, but people usually prepare for Tet long before that. Preparatory work for the Vietnamese New Year usually starts on the 23rd of Chap . This is the day when Vietnamese people worship him. Prolific Vietnam notion that he is both god Apples indoor kitchen is both record all the good deeds far u that homeowners have done in years . Every December 23, Apple will return to Heaven to report to the Emperor about problems in the old year. Thus, this day the Vietnamese will worship Mr. Tao to Heaven. A special feature is that during the offerings, there must be carp. If the story of Mr. Apple is gone, the carp will take Mr. Apple to overcome Vu Mon to go to Heaven.


Wrapped cake

There are 2 typical cakes on Tet in Vietnam: banh chung and tet cake. Banh chung cakes are available from church i King Hung and can not eq u in the day Te t in the North . In the South, people often pack banh tet. Families usually pack bread from 27, 28, 29 Tet . This is considered courtesy meaningful gift for relatives and friends on the occasion.



Clean the house before Tet

During the New Year, Vietnamese often abstain from sweeping the house . According to popular belief, sweeping the house during Tet will sweep away the spring buds and the lucky ones. Therefore, people often clean the house clean before the new year.

Blowing Tet flowers

The Northern region has peach flowers, the South has apricot flowers, which are 2 typical flowers for Tet in Vietnam. This is one of the trees symbolizing luck, happiness, and prosperity for the family. Currently, people also choose many other beautiful flowers such as marigold, chrysanthemum, confetti , …

Visit ancestral graves

Descendants of the family will visit together , beautify the resting place for relatives of the deceased . This is a common custom of the Vietnamese, showing filial piety and respect for the deceased.

Happy New Year, welcome to New Year

Families in Vietnam often make rice bowls to burn incense to invite spirits and fairies to celebrate Tet with their families on the afternoon of 30 Tet . At the same time, the tray of rice also ends an old year and prepares to welcome the new year.

New Year’s Eve is the time of transition between the new year and the old year, the time of heaven and earth. Courier sacrifice a meaningful remove all the bad things of the old year to welcome the good things of the new year.

Picking render year

Disclosure  is the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese New Year. The buds usually take place on New Year’s Eve or on the morning of the New Year to pray for good luck and bring the fortune back into the house.

Happy New Year

On the morning of the New Year, it is called the Chinese New Year. This day descendants gathered to burn incense for t Drive t iên and grandparents New Year’s greetings . The Vietnamese conception c stasis Tet, each increase a year old, so the first day of a Tet descendants often lucky grandparents, parents … Then descendants Duo c adult lucky again with coins New in red envelopes . Money to celebrate the age of not more or less important in the meaning.

After going to Tet with relatives, Vietnamese people often go to Tet to neighbors and friends. Visiting the neighbors helps to unite the friendship of the neighbors. To visit friends and colleagues to make friends more intimate. They often wish each other good wishes at the beginning of the new year. The visits also help them to eliminate all the problems of the old year, happy to welcome the new year.


Prolific Vietnam notion that the presence of the ancestors during Tet. Therefore, the altar is always lit incense and rice worship every day. Frequenity from the grave three to sweat mande is on bow. And that is the last day of worship for Tet.

We often think of the “Three days of Tet” but the reality of Tet atmosphere lasts for a month. After the New Year holidays are the next festivals . People were eager to invite each other to go to the temple or church to ask for many blessings. Everyone is happy , they live in harmony and solidarity. That is the great meaning of Tet in Vietnam.

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